Plein air painting is what I am mostly pursuing at this time. I am looking for feedback, more sales/patrons, of course, and other artists to connect with.

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New website, November 2015, Marcypleinair!

NOVEMBER! 8x10 allaprima

NOVEMBER! 8×10 allaprima

(OH, the Fair’s new try, “Professional Class” and had a “for sale” class. I got “best of medium,” for oils, “Professional” Class-

as I THINK I mentioned in the summer, it was impossible to view the works there….I SWEAR, if I’d smuggled in an original Monet, or Van Gogh, you wouldn’t necessarily have noticed it.

12x12 oil, "Sweetwarer Oaks"

12×12 oil, “Sweetwater Oaks”

Monday afternoon, new location, ya gotta give me “a dollar and a quarterrrrrrr” for THIS location….will refresh with richer y/o oils at home-

9x12 Oil sketch

9×12 Oil sketch

I drove around looking for fall focal points & awaiting after 2PM light….hard to find vertical trees turning colors in abundance, all clearcut vineyard-areas I guess.  Well, NOW I know where Sonoma County tall trees are.

9x12 Study, will add another traditional oil coat later, w/better yellow-oranges ;^D

9×12 Study, will add another traditional oil coat later, w/better yellow-oranges ;^D

Monday, Dry Creek Valley, Healdsburg, conditions were sublime….

THOUGHT I had a good start, though had to go V FAST, arriving at 10, Twin Hills Ranch vista east.  I thought 12×12 would work, alone, dark shadows of oak trees, their temp changes on edges, simplified color spots for vineyards, distant oak studded hills, etc.  BUT wiped it out twice, then tacked up a 2nd 12×12, it kind of works alone….the right being SO blurry it needs a sharpening, I suppose, somewhere….and MORE.

12x24 (with 2 piece)

12×24 (with 2 piece)

Calistoga Paint out, reception & results today, here’s the 4th one I did in the last 2 days of painting-

October exuberance by the 1905 Greenwood Bridge, off Myrtlewood.  Started with the driveway on a 12×12 panel, then a 12×16 to take in more of the vineyard & hint of distant hills.

HAD to go thick paint & I feel one has to go large & generous to attempt to portray the absolute abundance of the light & color out there, short lived but jamming!

Alas, with all the sizes of panels & frames, inventories & loaded up at dawn around feral kitten catching attempts, yawn, I neglected to bring TWO 12×16’s, so had to choose between my top 2 to enter.  I entered this one, (need to update pix of the others at block in state),  reception this afternoon, see who won.

12 x16, "October Exuberance"

12 x16, “October Exuberance”